People Behind the Product: Capiz Lotus Candleholders

People Behind the Product: Capiz Lotus Candleholders

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(Om Gallery Founder, Max, with the Navoa Family & Artisans in the Philippines)

Bridging the Consumer / Creator Divide

Nowadays, with mass production of products, the connection between consumer and creator seems more distant than ever. We have gained a world of vast and affordable goods at our fingertips, but at what cost? When the connection is broken between art and artisan, human rights and environmental sustainability often take a backseat to productivity and profit.

At Om Gallery, we are not ok with this. We cherish the people behind our products and rest easy knowing they are paid equitable wages and work in safe environments. We have teamed up with skilled artisans around the world who use natural materials to create and distribute sustainably made products with a unique perspective.

Meet the Makers

Om Gallery's founder, Max, met Mr. Chito Navoa during his travels in Pananque in the Philippines. Mr. Navoa ran a small shop creating gifts & decor made from the capiz shell - the outer shell of a marine mollusk found in shallow waters of the Philippines. Intrigued by the numerous possibilities for unique products created from this shell, Max & Mr. Navoa teamed up several years ago & have been producing & distributing capiz shell products ever since. The Navoa family business supports many talented artists & craftsmen, giving them an opportunity to make a living.

One of the most popular capiz creations to arise from this collaboration is the lotus tea-light candleholder. 

These colorful candleholders in the shape of lotus flowers are all hand-made under the guidance of Mr. Chito Navoa & his family.

Learn the Craft

Single capiz shells are extracted by hand & individually placed in the handcrafted metal frame of the lotus flower by craftsmen who then polish, paint & lacquer each piece until it glows with color & vibrancy.

  • Cut Capiz
  • Wash Capiz
  • Cut Brass
  • Bind Capiz & Brass
  • Form the Lotus
  • Spray-paint
  • Clean Brass
  • Hand-paint Lotus Cup
  • Varnish Lotus

These handmade, fair-trade lotus tea-light holders are then packaged and shipped to Om Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA where we sell them in our brick & mortar shop at 1201 Pacific Avenue as well as on our online store at

Om Gallery's original lotus holders are also available as a wholesale product & are carried in shops around the country.

Shop the Product

Om Gallery's capiz candleholders come in different collections & sizes as shown below.

Prices range from just $9 - $16!

These lotus beauties make for thoughtful gifts as well as home & party decor.

Be a Conscious Consumer

Let us continue to care about the people behind the products - supporting businesses that uplift sustainably-made goods, created by artisans in safe working conditions who are paid fair wages. Thank you for being a conscious consumer - beautifying your life with goods that help, not hurt, our earth and fellow man!! We are all in this together.


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