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Y&Y Collection

We invite you to embrace your inner spirit and unique style of Y&Y Fashion.

Clothing styles for both men and women. Fashionably on-trend while also being casual and comfortable for everyday wear. High quality and affordability to satisfy the needs of our valued customers by making fashion accessible to everyone.

Y&Y clothing is made in Nepal. Your purchases create safe and healthy work environments for the Nepalese workers. And, they assist in providing extra support for, not only their families, but the Nepalese community, both here in the United States and Nepal, through donations to local, non-profit organizations.

Y&Y are committed to supporting education in Nepal by donating funds and supplies directly to schools and orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. Believing in the power of education for a better future. We believe in fair trade and success for all our producers, our customers and ourselves! Our philosophy is to treat our producers and customers like family to cultivate a real brand identity that you can not only relate to but trust in as well. Ethical fashion that looks as good as it feels!