Stories Shelving Unit in Oak, Light Oak
Stories Shelving Unit in Oak, Dark Oak

Stories Shelving Unit in Oak

$ 799.00


Stories is a flexible shelving unit where you can put the things you love the most on display and share your life stories. Stories consists of 4 shelves, one of which has an opening with a brass plate for your small bits and bobs. The unit also comes with three wooden trays with venetian cane fronts making it easy to beautifully hide away your messy stuff. Stories can be expanded to the size you need and personalized with the several shelving accessories, including a glass bowl, extra storage trays and a side table. Stories is made from oak and has a simple visual attraction with its four conical legs that creates an agile and dainty appearance. The shelving system comes with four brass feet that can be adjusted and leveled. Remove the brass plate and exchange it with the glass bowl accessory to create a beautiful indoor terrarium planter or even hold a goldfish. Add the round corner table accessory to the side of the shelving system to display a plant or other things that need that extra important spot in your space.
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Comes with Three Storage Boxes
  • Expandable and Customizable with Accessories (sold separately)

    Designer: Soren Ravn Christensen

    Materials: Solid Oak, MDF, Steel

    Country of Origin: Vietnam

    Ship Type: Small Parcel

    Lead Time: 3-5 days

    Available Online Only - Not Available In-Store