The Biophilia Effect

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All of us know from intuition that spending time in nature is of benefit to our health. But only in the last years has science revealed how strong our healing bond with nature really is. Forest air, for example, contains a rich mixture of bioactive substances that trees use to communicate to each other. When we breathe in (this air), our immune system reacts with an increase of natural killer cells that protect us from viruses. Forest air also contains secondary plant compounds that support our defenses against cancer. Being in nature not only lowers the levels of stress hormones in our blood, but also boosts our own production of natural hormones that protect us from heart attack." "Clemens G. Arvay

This is a book that celebrates our interconnection with nature and shows how to deeply engage the natural world wherever you live to dramatically improve your health. Clemens G. Arvay presents fascinating research, practical tools and activities, inspiring stories, and more in this accessible guide to the remarkable benefits of being in nature. In this translation of the German bestseller, you will learn about:

  • Biophilia"psychotherapist and philosopher Erich Fromm's term for people’s love for nature
  • How nature alleviates pain and accelerates recuperation
  • Stress reduction in nature
  • The lessons of the wilderness
  • Yards and gardens as a source of inspiration, happiness, and health
  • How landscapes interact with the human psyche
  • Nature’s influence on the mind, heart, and other vital organs of the body
  • Meditating in nature to boost attention and concentration

“The biophilia effect happens when we connect with our roots," writes Arvay. “The biophilia effect stands for wilderness and the conception of nature, for natural beauty and aesthetics, and for breaking free and healing. That is what this book is about. The Biophilia Effect is your guide to accessing the sacred bond we share with nature wherever you call home.