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Butterfly & Hummingbird Garlands

Om Gallery has hand-selected these garlands for sale online. A wider selection is available in our retail store located at 1201 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060.You may know Capiz as a beautiful province in the Philippines, but this culturally rich region is also revered for beautiful decorations that derive from nature. Our Capiz garland collection includes a wide variety of handcrafted products that can enhance any space in your home with a pop of color. Each Capiz shell garland we offer is handmade by artisanal craftsmen in the Philippines. These artisans harvest the Capiz shells from the shallow coastal waters and clean them until they are nearly translucent. When painted, these shells provide a glorious interplay between light and color. Our selection includes a myriad of butterfly and dragonfly garland designs that will look magical wherever you place them.

Our butterfly garland collection includes a wide variety of colorful species to choose from. Monarch butterflies have never looked as beautiful as they do with wings made of Capiz shells. Each butterfly figurine is meticulously made by hand. Our Monarch butterfly garland is available in white, fuchsia, red, purple, and other hues. Looking for something other than butterflies? Our multi-colored dragonfly garland may be the perfect solution. Each dragonfly is made from soft and colorful mesh that is aesthetically pleasing in any light, especially when hung near a window or skylight.

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