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Hanging Lamps

If your home is in serious need of some color or illumination, Om Gallery is here to help. We offer a stunning selection of hanging lamps that are handmade by our artisan partners throughout the world. We proudly contribute to the development of cooperative Cottage Industries, so customers like you gain access to unique products made by local artisans. We also offer an array of customization services, so you can create your own lighting solution with the help of our design team. Explore our inventory today to find unique accents for your home or inspiration at every turn.

Hanging lamps come in a wide variety of sizes to suit any redecorating need. Blooming lotus lamps vary between two and three feet in size. Each hanging lotus lamp is made from sumptuous silk and is luxuriously soft to the touch. These lamps bridge the delicate balance between fashion and functionality to provide ambient lighting that suits each unique space in your home. Every hanging lotus lamp we offer includes a 12-foot light cord with an on/off switch or hard-wire electric kit. Each unique lighting solution requires a specific wattage for best results. Light bulbs are not included. We also offer an oriental hanging star light selection. Feng shui your home today for an affordable price!

Pendant lamps look particularly enchanting above dining tables or reading nooks. Their lamp shades are made from fossilized cocoa leaves. These leaves are collected from the cacao plant, the same source for scrumptious chocolate. They are then fossilized over a three- to four-month period. Our artisans hand-rub the chlorophyll off of the leaf so that only the skeleton remains. This labor-intensive process is completed without the use of corrosive chemicals. Once the chlorophyll is removed, the leaf is organically dyed. Each leaf absorbs dye differently, so every one of our lamps is utterly unique and features different hues or shades.

Does your décor scheme accentuate your love of the ocean? Satisfy your coastal cravings with our hanging jellyfish lamp. We also carry a wide variety of lamps made of materials other than silk or cocoa leaves. Some of our lighting solutions are made from hundreds of unique shells that are handpicked and skillfully pieced together. If you are at all concerned about the durability of your next lighting solution, look no further than our assortment of aluminum, brass, chrome, copper, polycarbonate, steel, and other high-quality materials. If you have any questions about how to install a hanging star light or our product selection, please contact us today for additional information or assistance.

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