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Himalayan Salt & Crystal Lamps

Create ambiance in any space with a light fixture that is as special as your home. We offer a stunning selection of Himalayan salt lamps, which are handmade in Nepal by artisanal partners. Each lamp is utterly unique and can cleanse your home in numerous ways. Himalayan salt has proven benefits and can remove dust, pollen, smoke, or other contaminants. Our Himalayan salt crystal collection includes many shapes and sizes, so you are guaranteed to find the right light for your home or a gift to give to friends and loved ones. Explore our selection today, and don’t forget to register your account so you can track orders and store multiple shipping addresses with ease.

Himalayan salt crystal lamps emit negative ions that work like natural ionizers to keep the air clean, which is ideal for promoting respiratory health and minimizing the effects from electronic devices. Reap the benefits of your new salt lamp by placing it in a space you spend a lot of time in or where your electronics are stored. Your lamp should be left on as often as possible. The natural hue of each Himalayan salt lamp we offer also reinforces a sense of rejuvenation and healing. If you are just starting your journey toward enlightenment, look no further than our Buddha salt lamp.

Redecorating a room in your home? Ambient lighting can revolutionize any dimly lit space, and Himalayan salt crystal will add a striking glow that can complement a wide variety of décor and color schemes. All lamps are equipped with a UL/CSA-approved wire assembly for ease of installation. Shapes include rejuvenating raindrops, soothing spheres, peaceful pyramids, and so much more.

Treat seasonal affective disorder and reduce static electricity by choosing an environmentally-friendly light source. Explore our Himalayan salt lamp collection today to find housewarming gifts that hearten and unique accent pieces for your own home. We are honored to be your exclusive source of lighting and home goods. We work diligently to promote fair-trade products and ethical working conditions throughout Asia and the rest of the world. If you have any questions about this selection, please contact Om Gallery today for additional information or further assistance. Let us know how we can help!

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