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Rock Décor

Om Gallery proudly presents a stunning selection of rock décor for outdoor or ornamental decoration. Our recycled sea glass hearts are hand carved and engraved by skilled Indonesian artisans. Each stone is utterly unique, and you can easily select the engraving of your choice from our extensive list of inspirational messages. We also offer heart stones carved out of natural jasper gemstones and marbles. These delightful hearts are available in an assortment of colors and engraving choices. Planning your wedding? Stock up on stone hearts to give as party favors to guests. Kanji stones are also perfect for decorating potted plants. We offer a variety of new age and zodiac pocket stones for carrying with you on all your adventures.

Rock décor looks especially magical when incorporated into natural design schemes. Welcome family, friends, and guests to your home by placing a cairn rock sculpture or volcanic slate outside on the patio or in the garden. Add a little ambiance to any space with one of our cairn rock candle trays. Cairn sculptures have been built since ancient times, but they were often used in Asian burial traditions and ceremonies as tokens of respect. Our candle holders come in several variations, but all stones and trays are glued for safety. We offer an array of cairn sculptures made of natural beach and river rocks with flat beach pebbles in between. Many of our tiered rock sculptures feature words of wisdom or ornately drawn iconography. Relax and soothe your soul with the calming sounds of running water. Our cairn rock water fountains are made from jasper and other natural rocks.

Add a touch of oriental influence to your driveway by choosing our Japanese garden lantern. Each of these stately lanterns is hand carved out of solid lava stone. Just install four-inch column candles or electrical hardware to illuminate your walkway in ancient tradition. Interested in designing your own rock sculptures? Our customization services allow you to order any product, size, or color you need. Complete our online custom order form to learn more about pricing and product availability. If you have any questions about our rock décor collection, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.

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