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Engraved Stones

Even when your mind is filled with clutter or worry, the most powerful sources of comfort can come in small packages. Worry stones have long been used in meditation or alternative healing, but some people use them as decorations or gifts. Pocket stones are typically small and feature words of special significance to the recipient. Whether tucked into pockets or purses, these stones have the mystical power of promoting peace and tranquility in everyday life. Explore our selection of engraved stones to find a meaningful token that reminds you of all the things that make life special.

Our selection of pocket stones includes a wide variety of colors, materials, and sizes to choose from. River rocks are particularly popular for gardens and outdoor spaces that could use a little feng shui. Many of our natural river stones feature inspiring phrases, such as blessings, gratitude, wisdom, and much more. Curious about Kanji stones? Kanji is just one of three writing systems that consists of Japanese characters. Every Kanji character is made of complicated brush strokes. When combined, they produce philosophical sentiments that inspire and uplift. We offer a wide variety of Kanji stones in several sizes to choose from.

Jasper is known as a nurturing stone that stimulates wisdom and a strong connection to the Earth’s energy. We offer miniature and large stones that are made of solid jasper with a polished finish that accentuates the magical marbled pattern. We also offer stones made of agate, which are thought to ground the spirit with a sense of stability and uses soft vibrations to allow fluidity between the mind and the mouth. Our engraved sea glass stones are made of recycled sea glass that has been beautifully hand-carved and engraved by our highly skilled Indonesian artisanal partners.

All the engraved stones we offer are utterly unique, so no two stones are the same. Aside from river rocks, sea glass, and precious stones, we also offer pocket stones with New Age symbols and signs of the Zodiac. By choosing us as your destination for fair-trade gifts and products, you contribute to the livelihood of hardworking artisans across the globe. If you have any questions about our selection, please contact Om Gallery today to learn more.

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