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Wood Wall Maps

Every unique home deserves a decorative update every once in a while. At Om Gallery, we offer a wide selection of fair-trade wall décor that will breathe life back into any space. With the help of our artisanal partners, we proudly offer gifts and products that are handmade from sustainable materials. Our selection includes an array of wood wall maps of well-known cities, islands, lakes, rivers, and so much more. Many of these wood maps are hand-stained with solid wood frames and three-dimensional landforms that will add a pop of color to any space in your home. Shop from our selection today to find a perfect gift for someone special or a treasure for yourself.

Our wall décor collection is filled with an array of geographical wood maps, which are all made from genuine wood that has been stained by hand. Many of the wood wall maps we carry are actually bathymetric charts that have been carved in Baltic Birch. Artisans carve and stain each map with meticulous care and attention to detail, ensuring that each map reflects the natural topography of the lands and waterways they represent. This selection encompasses many landmarks throughout the United States of America, including Lake Tahoe, the Grand Canyon, Redfish Lake, San Francisco, Santa Catalina, New York City, and so much more. Each map comes with a compass rose, a key, and a solid wood frame that can easily complement any farmhouse or rustic décor theme. Our wood maps make wonderful gifts for geography lovers and map enthusiasts.

In the heart of Santa Cruz, our passion for fair-trade products and handcrafted gifts has enabled us to create lasting partnerships with artisans around the world. We work tirelessly to condemn unethical working conditions as part of our commitment to cooperative Cottage Industries. As a result, customers like you gain access to unique goods that are made by expert craftsmen from many cultures. If you have any questions about our selection of wood wall maps, please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will gladly help you every step of the way.

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