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Leaf Lamps

Bring zen in to your home with a beautiful fair-trade leaf lamp. We offer a wide selection of styles and colors in both floor and table lamps. Made from real leaves, these hand-crafted lamps bring the outdoors in while illuminating your space in a fun, unique way.

All leaf lamps are manufactured using materials that are sustainably harvested, safe dyes that are food-based, and water-based finishes. The leaves used in our products are either collected after a tree naturally sheds them or are plucked from a living tree. In either case, the plant isn't harmed. Additionally, the purchase of the leaves we use provides a secondary income to the farmers who grow and care for plants. 

Our products are produced in the Philippines, a country that is fast growing, and progressive on ensuring workers' rights. It is also a country where many companies are run by women and their entrepreneurial efforts are encouraged. The artisans who make our pieces are paid a living wage, provided quality housing, have access to continuing education, and work under dignified and safe conditions.