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Riddle Oil is made in northern California and bottled in Venice Beach. We proudly support local businesses that focus on quality products and ethical working conditions. According to their philosophy, listening from a place of inspiration requires stilling the mind and taking time to allow your deepest thoughts and desires to arise. With fragrance oils, the possibilities of tranquility are limitless. Their Original oil is clean and subtle with a light musky base note. Santal oil has woodsy essences of cardamom and sandalwood. Sundara oil is primarily inspired by notes of green, black, and citrus teas. Night Flower oil smells as beautiful as a full bouquet, perfect for any floral lover.

North Wind contains tropical notes of pineapple, papaya, and coconut milk, which can create a peaceful experience right at home. Eden oil smells just like the gardenia plant, which makes another great gift for gardening enthusiasts. Muse oil has notes of peach and coconut. Poppy oil is also bright, fresh, and clean, with notes of lemon and orange blossom to create an instant energy boost for your mind. Sphinx oil is also subtle, quite like an Egyptian musk. If a woodsy fragrance sounds appealing to you, look no further than Austin oil for rustic notes of sandalwood and fig. We also offer Last Petal oil, which is a seductive and sophisticated scent with deep rose and leather notes.

Each fragrance oil comes in a half-ounce stainless steel roll-on applicator bottle, which is easy to use and travel with. When applying scented oils to your skin, you should pay attention to your pulse points. These areas of your body are continuously warm. You should also try to stay moisturized, as the fragrance is less effective when applied to dry skin. If you have any questions about Riddle Oil or fragrance oils, please contact us today for additional information.

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