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Unique Floor Lamps

Om Gallery makes it easy to enjoy soft lighting in a sustainable way. Our lantern floor lamp selection includes a wide variety of serene lighting solutions in varying shades and patterns. With more than 20 years of experience in the retail sector, we have been fortunate to create partnerships with artisans throughout the world. With their help, we design and produce some of the most beautiful lamps on the market, all made with distinct materials that will enhance the beauty of your décor. Our materials include fossilized leaves of exotic plants and trees, as well as sumptuous silk, gauged metal, and so much more. We also offer customization services. Explore our selection today!

Our banyan lantern floor lamp selection is packed with colorful and unique lighting options that can transform any space into an ambient retreat. The leaves of the banyan tree are round in shape with pointed tips and a sheerness that makes it easy to create patterns and varying hues. Each banyan floor lamp is made of genuine banyan leaves that have been fossilized over three to four months. Craftsmen then rub each leaf by hand to remove the chlorophyll so that only the leaf’s skeleton remains. This labor-intensive process involves no corrosive chemicals. Instead, leaves are stained in organic dyes. Each leaf will absorb dye differently, resulting in a truly unique lamp for your home.

If you prefer to stick to the interior design theme of a particular room, we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes, as well as patterns that will blend with any aesthetic. We offer a variety of floor lamps that feature lampshades made of fossilized cocoa leaves. Popular shapes include jellyfish, waves, trapezoids, hourglasses, and so much more. Our flowering lotus lamps are a sight to behold. Each lantern floor lamp has a spiritual energy that can add elements of feng shui to your space and provide the perfect amount of ambient lighting. Flowering lotus lamps come complete with oriental wooden bases and hand-bent metal shades that are covered with vibrant silk. If you have any questions about our lantern floor lamp selection, please contact us today to learn more.

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