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Glass Bowls on Driftwood

Shopping for accessories or gifts? Om Gallery is the ultimate destination for fair-trade gifts and products that promote ethical working conditions and sustainability. Our selection of fair-trade glass bowls includes an array of unique sizes and designs that will look beautiful in any room or space. Blown glass lends a fluid, organic feel to any display and will complement your coastal design aesthetic or décor. Driftwood glass bowls are all handmade by our artisanal partners throughout Asia. Those artisanal partnerships give customers like you access to rare products made by craftsmen with unique perspectives. Shop from our selection today to discover the wonders of handcrafted touch.

All the fair-trade glass bowls in our selection feature a blue-green hue that is characteristic of the coast. Craftsmen blow each glass bowl to create a one-of-a-kind shape that will add a dimensional quality to your décor. Driftwood glass bowls can be used as terrariums for ferns, aquamarine, moss, violets, begonia, or air plants. Our bowls can also be used to stow car keys, loose change, or anything of value. Some people use hand-blown glass bowls as aquariums for golf fish, beta fish, guppies, or other species that don’t require an air pump or circulation.

Driftwood is naturally smoothed by the ocean waves, and each piece has been hand-selected for its architectural quality. Several of the driftwood bases we offer have been carved in the shape of hands to look as if they are cupping the bowl in a delicate manner. All driftwood bases are carved with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Due to natural materials and the handcrafted nature of blown glass, variations will occur in our product selection. You can expect your driftwood glass bowls to be utterly unique. By choosing us as your source for fair-trade products, you help us to preserve craft traditions around the world and contribute to the livelihood of hardworking artisans and their families. If you have any questions about our selection of fair-trade glass bowls, please contact us today.

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