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Kanji Volcanic Wall Slates

At Om Gallery, we are inspired by foreign cultures and native traditions. Kanji is just one of three writing systems that consists of Japanese characters. These beautiful characters are believed to have originated thousands of years ago in China, but it wasn’t until the first century that they reached Japan. Over time, Kanji has been used by the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Each Kanji character is utterly unique, with complicated brush strokes that look just as beautiful on their own as they do in pairs to produce a philosophical impression. We offer a stunning selection of kanji volcanic wall slates that can add a touch of Zen to any environment. Shop from our selection today!

All the kanji wall slates in our selection are hand-cut from an extinct volcano. Our artisans then delicately sandblast kanji symbols into each slate to produce beautiful symbols for any room or garden. Balance, fortune, harmony, and love are all central elements of feng shui. These garden slates each feature a hanger in the back to easily hang, so you can create a space of serenity anywhere your heart desires. All volcanic wall slates feature a unique shape, so no two are exactly the same. However, each slate measures approximately 10” by 8,” providing a small but ornate accent piece that will have guests marveling at your tastes in home décor.

Nothing can quite compare to the handcrafted touch an artisan can create. Our kanji volcanic wall slates were made by our artisanal partners throughout Asia and around the world. We take great pride in our ability to provide such a wonderful selection of fair-trade products, and our kanji wall slates are just the start. Garden slates make wonderful gifts to gardening enthusiasts or anyone who would rather spend time outside than inside. Our volcanic wall slates look marvelous on their own or grouped together. Restore harmony to your home with “wa,” or instill balance, fortune, and love to any room that could use a little feng shui. If you have any questions about our selection of handmade products, please contact us today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

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