Baby Flowering Lotus Lamp - Green

$ 79.99


Since before the time of the Buddha, the lotus flower has held many meanings throughout ancient cultures. Egyptians believed that the flowering lotus even had the power to resurrect the dead. In Buddhist philosophies, the lotus flower symbolizes the individual journey toward enlightenment. Om Gallery wanted to encapsulate this spiritual symbol by creating a brand-new lamp design for our fair-trade collection. The green baby flowering lotus lamp radiates energy and positivity. A green lotus flower is considered a wonderful gift for anyone that is trying to fulfill resolutions or create good habits. Green is also said to represent balance, environmental awareness, harmony, rest, and reassurance.

Every green baby flowering lotus lamp we offer is handmade. Your purchase contributes to the livelihood of these experienced artisans. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to fund educational opportunities and health care services for all the artisans and their families that are involved in making this one-of-a-kind lamp. Our green baby flowering lotus lamp is made of high-quality silk, a durable steel frame, and an ebony wood base for extra durability and sophistication. The delicate, greenish glow of this lamp will keep guests marveling at your unique taste in home furnishings. For best results, we recommend using a clear, 60-watt or lower bulb.

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 16” H x 9” D
  • Includes: 12-foot light cord with on-off switch