Baby Flowering Lotus Lamp - Jewel

$ 79.99

Even before the time of the Buddha, the flowering lotus has been steeped in philosophical symbolism. The Egyptians believed that purple lotus flowers were representative of rebirth or renewal. In Vajrayana, the color purple is mystical, rare, and can convey a variety of things. Om Gallery decided to capture the beautiful silhouette of this budding flower by designing the jewel baby flowering lotus lamp. Your purchase directly contributes to the livelihood of every artisan involved in the making of this sophisticated and stunning accent piece.

Every jewel baby flowering lotus lamp is skillfully handmade in a village near Ho Chi Minh City. Under the guidance of Mr. Hiue Chau and his family, skilled craftsmen create every accent lamp from luxurious silk and steel, all perched on top of an ebony wood base for extra stability. With your purchase, a portion of the proceeds is donated to fund health care services and educational opportunities for the artisans and their families in the surrounding areas of Saigon.

Our jewel baby flowering lotus lamp bridges the delicate balance between fashion and functionality. The lotus flower casts light upward, which is ideal for accent lighting and accentuating artwork or a particular focal point in the room. Each table lamp is utterly unique, and we guarantee that the warm purplish glow will delight anyone as a gift. Enjoy your new lamp to the fullest by using a clear, 60-watt or lower glass bulb.

Product Features:
  • Dimensions: 16” H x 9” D
  • Includes: 12-foot light cord with on-off switch