Sun Baby Flowering Lotus Lamp

$ 79.99


Have you been looking for a handcrafted gift or decoration for your own home? Om Gallery’s sun baby flowering lotus lamp is a beautiful testament to the cultural and spiritual reverence of this aquatic plant. Each flowering table lamp we offer is handcrafted under the guidance of Mr. Hiue Chau and his family. The Chau family employs many artisans that live in the surrounding areas of Ho Chi Minh City, and a portion of the proceeds from every lamp purchase is donated to fund health care services and educational opportunities for those talented craftsmen and their families. We wanted to capture the beautiful silhouette of this flowering symbol by creating a decorative accent that brightens your home.

Every sun baby flowering lotus lamp in our selection is handmade with a durable steel frame and a high-quality shade that’s made of soft silk. The table lamp base is made from a dark ebony wood, which is dense and finely textured with a smooth finish. This elegant light fixture can complement a wide range of décor themes and serve as a sophisticated source of accent light in any room. Make the most of our sun baby flowering lotus lamp by using a 60-watt glass bulb. This table lamp would make a wonderful gift to anyone that appreciates the raw beauty of nature. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns, so a member of our courteous staff may provide further assistance.

Product Features:
  • Size: 9” D x 16” H
  • Includes: 12-foot light cord with on/off switch