Banyan Table Lamp - Orange

$ 129.99


Lamp Dimensions - 7 x 7 x 16

We recommend using a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) of 13 watts (60 watt equivalent light output) or lower.

fossilized banyan leaf table lamps:

the banyan tree has a unique root system which grows above ground. it is because of its roots and extensive branches that the banyan is widely used for creating bansai.

the leaves of the banyan tree are round in shape with a pointed tip. the sheerness of leaves makes it easier to create patterns and different color hues.

fossilization is the process of drying leaves over a three to four month period and then hand rubbing the chlorophyll of the leaf so only the leaf’s skeleton will remain. this is a labor-intensive process and no harsh chemicals are used. once the chlorophyll is completely gone, the leaf is stained in organic dye.

since the leaves are natural, each one will absorb dye a little differently. the resulting effect is a lamp with different hues and shades (sometimes within the same leaf).

there are few cases in which the leaf may have a small tear before it was adhered to the lampshade; due to the low-impact sealant we use, no tear will increase in size nor will any leaf pull from the shade. we would like to point out that only 20 percent of the leaves make it through the entire process for use for our shades.