Dragonfly Wall DecorBrown And Yellow

$ 30.00


The basic frame of the dragonfly is created using tin, which is powder-coated with a black finish and makes this piece safe to use outdoors. The edges of the frame are reinforced using thicker tin wire. The front of this piece is adorned in areas with capiz shell, an oyster native to the Philippines, before being hand-painted and sealed with a water-based sealant. The primary purpose of this oyster to provide a source of food, however, the shell is a sustainable by-product that can be used for decoration. The capiz shell subtly replicates the reflective qualities of dragonflies in nature. The entire piece is lightweight and has an eyelet in the back allowing it to be hung using a finishing nail, command strip, or a push pin.

Due to it being a natural material, the organic colors of capiz come through as tans and browns underneath the paint. Camouflaged to stay safe, this dragonfly is still very beautiful. The artist focused on the earth tones and reflective colors often seen in dragonflies, with a mix of bright and subdued color. You will see the delicate nature in the upper wing because the artist drew in the vein structure underneath the dominant overtone colors. The artist uses capiz shell to represent the translucent nature of the wing. In the lower wing the artist shaped the tin frame to the vein structure to demonstrate the hardy nature of this dragonfly, again under the overtone of the dominant brown colors. Dimensions: 12in x 1in x 9in