Fish Rustic Wall Decor Large Sea Blue

m8402 l sb
$ 108.00


The basic frame of the fish is created using tin, which is powder coated with a black finish. The frame is reinforced using tin wire along the inner edge. Capiz is an oyster shell and the primary purpose of the oyster is as a source of food. However, the by-product, the shell, can be used for decoration. Due to it being a natural material, the natural colors of the capiz come through as tans and browns underneath the paint. The shell is then painted the bold colors you see. The entire front facing piece is carefully hand-painted keeping in mind the reflective qualities in the color of turtles.Embark on a journey to the depths of the tranquil ocean with the Rustic Fish Wall D�cor. Our artistry takes you away with five members of the tang family, perfectly hand-painted in soft blues. You'll feel transported to beautiful coral reefs, where these vulnerable fish live and school in harmony. Our large-scale wall decor is carefully crafted to capture the carefree nature of these magnificent creatures. Its rustic finish reflects its peaceful vibe � perfect for creating a calming focal point within any room. Escape reality and submerge yourself in the calmness that this piece has to offer; an essential part of your home d�cor that will leave you feeling enchanted by its beauty day after day. Dimensions: 20in x 2in x 18in