Flame Giant Floor Lamp Red

310 xl r
$ 578.00


The entire lamp is crafted using wrought iron, powder coated for durability. The tip and base of the lamp are crafted using abaca rope, handwoven through a wrought iron frame. The shade is made of fossilized cocoa leaves that are hand-placed on a standard UL lamp backing and then laminated using a non-toxic adhesive, creating each of the three sides of the lamp. This lamp sets on the abaca wrapped base and can be turned on/off with a foot switch.The Giant Flame Lamp is inspired by the power and beauty of fire. The importance of the flame has been understood for centuries. The handwoven abaca rope, with its different hues of brown, represents firewood, which was the base material used for warmth and lighting, protection from predators, and a method of cooking food. The intriguing shape of the Flame Lamp, as it dances from left to right and from wide to narrow, is the fire's flame. It is textured and colored by hand placing real, non-toxic dyed, cocoa leaves on the shade. Both the leaves and abaca are sourced using fair trade practices in the Philippines. Finally, the tip of the lamp is accented by abaca rope, this time, representing the smoke that escapes the heat. Humankind was able to advance, innovate, and civilize through harnessing fire. Continue the tradition by lighting up any room with the inspiring presence of the Flame Lamp. Dimensions: 13in x 13in x 72in