Sterling Silver Root Chakra Necklace with Smoky Quartz Stone on 18 Inch Bead Chain

$ 50.00


Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel. Most Eastern traditions describe seven major chakra points, each correlating to a different part of the body. These are where two or more channels of energy cross in your body, forming an energy center. When your energy flow is out of balance or gets blocked, you can become ill. Your chakras become out of alignment and in turn so does your mood, body, health - basically your life. When working on your chakras, start at the Base chakra and work your way up. You want to heal the lower chakra levels before proceeding to work on the higher chakra levels. The three primary chakras below the Heart chakra are mainly related to your physical body and the perceived world around us. The three primary chakras above the Heart chakra are spiritual in nature. Base Chakra - The Base Chakra or Muladhara (also known as the root) is the first primary chakra. It is at the coccyx at the base of the spine and has four lotus petals. The lotus petals represent your greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions and blissfulness in concentration. The Base chakra is associated with the Earth element, and symbolizes the basis of life, "grounding" or "rooting" us is the main function of the Root chakra. Keypoints: grounding, health, connection to Mother Earth, survival, moving forward. The protective qualities of smoky quartz dissipate negative energy, speed up the laws of karma, enhance survival skills and are good for vitality and intuition. This gemstone is good for male energies, sexual energy and channeling energy through the hands - great for reiki or spiritual healing! Smoky quartz is grounding and relaxing, it is also good for meditation and dream interpretation. Astrological associations: Sagittarius, Capricorn. Materials: sterling silver pendant, 18" 1mm sterling silver bead chain, smoky quartz gemstone, silver filled wrapping wire. Size: 3/4 in. wide.